Shohel’s Story

Shohel is a child from a very remote village in the Bhola district. He was born with congenital clubfoot and both of his feet were affected. His poor parents went door to door in search of the cure for this “deformity” of their child, but

couldn’t find one. After years of searching, one day Shohel’s father saw a poster of Walk For Life and came across the publicity campaign of WFL. He came to the WFL clinic and discussed with the parents of other clubfoot children. This made him convinced enough to bring his son to WFL clinic immediately. It was the parents of Shohel who were very worried and desperate to get his feet treated.

Shohel’s father earns less than $70 USD per month and they live in a one room make-shift hut on Shohel’s grandfather’s land. Since Walk For Life is the only place where treatment of children with clubfoot under 3 years is free; the financial situation of the family compelled them to lie to the Clinic Manager of WFL clinic about the age of their son. Shohel’s age was then 4 and half and his parents said that he was only 3. They didn’t want their son to grow up with clubfoot and spend the rest of his life as a burden to the family living in extreme poverty. Seeing Shohel’s rigid feet the WFL Clinic Manager hesitated a bit. But with the advice of Dr. Fred Dietz, Shohel’s treatment started anyway. After 6 castings and a tenotomy surgery, Shohel’s feet were ready to be put in brace. But it was not as easy as others. Sometimes the castings were kept for 15 days, where usually the castings are changed after just 7 days.

Shohel’s mother’s determination, care and WFL Clinic Manager’s effort were mention-worthy. After Shohel could walk normally, his family apologized with grateful tears for lying about their son’s age. Nevertheless, when we see Shohel running and playing football with other kids and his family smiling; we believe that we have done something worthwhile “Share the joy and be part of the Solution”….Donate Today!

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