Ridding the world of polio

LinkedIN post – Dr Angela Evans – Dec 9, 2015

The campaign to rid the world of polio, the crippling yet very preventable disease that was once endemic across the world (mostly confined to Pakistan and Afghanistan now) is “close to total success” , according to Bill Gates this week –
Closely involved and committed to ensuring a world without polio, it is reported that Bill and Melinda Gates have distributed US$34.5 billion to eradicate ‘diseases’ in the developing world – (December, 2015) – including polio, and also targeting malaria.
Polio or poliomyelitis is an infectious disease (caused by the poliovirus) which causes weakness that mostly affects the legs and feet (as well as chest, neck..). Polio is one of the causes of an acquired clubfoot deformity – as the nerves supplying specific leg/foot muscles are damaged.
Whilst Walk for Life ( mainly deal with the more typical, more common and congenital type of clubfoot, we do periodically see polio clubfeet, which are just as disabling for the affected child.
Together, the UAE’s foreign aid budget and the Gates’, have instigated a campaign that has seen over 86 million vaccines being administered in Pakistan. Thousands of television commercials were used to deal with ignorance about vaccination. The number of reported polio cases in Pakistan in 2014 was 328, and so far in 2015 it is 38 – a great result and a wonderful gift to the recipients!

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