Chromosome 12

LinkedIn post – Dr Angela Evans – Feb 1, 2016
New research has now identified chromosome 12 being involved in the clubfoot spectrum
Once again, Christina Gurnett’s group have advanced the knowledge of genetics in this area, reporting chromosome 12q13.13 microdeletions involving the 5′ HOXC genes. This work has also segregated some very significant congenital lower limb malformations: clubfoot, vertical talus and hip dysplasia.
The picture above, illustrates a young man in his 20’s with an untreated clubfoot, a lifetime disability.
In Bangladesh, ‘Walk for Life’ have targeted afflicted babies and children so that as many as possible are treated, and saved from this misery, before they are 3 years old: – just AUD $120 pays for a child’s full treatment course, (anyone can donate) enabling them to walk.

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