WHO Guidelines for Clubfoot

Angela meeting with the WHO Director of Disability/Rehabilitation; looking forward to assisting in developing WHO guidelines for treatment of clubfoot.

walkforlifeauWHO Guidelines for Clubfoot
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RUNFREE 2030 – Global Strategy to End Clubfoot Disability

Every year 175,000 children are born with clubfoot deformity, and 90% are born in countries with limited or no access to treatment. Currently, only 15% have access to treatment, and 85% face a lifetime of disability – experiencing chronic pain, limited mobility, and reduced opportunities in education, employment and relationships. Run Free 2030 is the Global Strategy to End Clubfoot Disability set by the Global Clubfoot Initiative with a goal to ensure at least 70% of children born with clubfoot in lower and middle-income countries can access treatment by 2030. Latest estimates indicate Walk for Life is now treating 65% of children in Bangladesh with this disability.

walkforlifeauRUNFREE 2030 – Global Strategy to End Clubfoot Disability
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Australasian Podiatry Conference 2017 – Melbourne

It was great to have our team of Walk for Life volunteers at the Australasian Podiatry Conference 2017 in Melbourne sharing an exhibitor stand with Footscape! Thank you to all who came and supported Walk for Life. Check out the Podiatry Link page for more information and our supporters!


walkforlifeauAustralasian Podiatry Conference 2017 – Melbourne
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