Ongoing quality assurance ensures standards are maintained and improved as new evidence becomes available.

Since 2009, Walk for Life have rapidly created a successful, sustainable treatment model for children born with clubfoot deformity that works:

Over 18,000 children with clubfeet have been treated by Walk for Life since its inception. Such a large project provides the need to evaluate the overall results:

An assessment tool was developed for the specific purpose of evaluating the results of the Walk for Life clubfoot project in Bangladesh. As a large clubfoot program in a poor and populous country, it is important that such a tool be accurate, expedient, and inexpensive:

Walk for Life have now innovatively used the Bangla clubfoot tool to report on the findings in 400 children two years after their Ponseti management of their clubfeet:

  • This study revealed very good results, with most children able to walk independently (99.0%), and run (95.5%).
  • Although parent’s satisfaction was very high, the small cost of 3000 Taka ($A60) was unaffordable for 59% of families.
  • Without FREE treatment from Walk for Life most children born with clubfoot deformity in Bangladesh would not be able to walk. Donate Today!

By publishing our results, Walk for Life share findings with other clubfoot programs around the world.

Shane CuttsResearch & Evaluation