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Thank you for being a part of this incredible success story! With your help, children in need now have access to free and low-cost clubfoot treatment. With the support of overseas aid organisations & the local health system Walk for Life no longer requires support from Australian donors and is moving towards a sustainable health care delivery system enabling low cost and free treatment to those who cannot afford treatment. Walk for Life’s aim is to continue to provide accessible treatment to all in Bangladesh 

Please consider redirecting your gift to another of our worthy projects to help other vulnerable communities overseas transform their lives forever.

This program is supported by Australian Aid and The Glencoe Foundation.

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Message from Angela Evans PhD, FFPM RCPS(Glasg) Podiatrist

Join with other Podiatrists and Podiatry Clinics for the opportunity to be part of Podiatry Link through ongoing sponsorship and awareness campaigns.

Being part of the Podiatry link entails joining your colleagues and encouraging others to donate and support children who are born with clubfoot deformity to Walk for Life.

Five links to the Walk for Life chain:

  • Displaying a small WFL brochure stand in your reception
  • Displaying a WFL Poster and small model brace
  • Include a link to WFL website from your clinic website to help us build awareness
  • Set up an automated monthly donation of $120 on the Podiatry Link Donation page and commit to support one child per month (as either an individual clinician or a clinic group)
  • WFL will include your clinic name/logo in our Podiatry Link Page and a further link on our supporters list for current Podiatry Link donors.

As a colleague in the Profession and Walk for Life Ambassador I would like to encourage you and your associates to join in the funding of this exciting link with the most effective clubfoot correction program in the developing world.

You may have already read about Walk for Life in ‘Australian Podiatrist’ or seen a presentation at the 2015 APodC Conference. It is a wonderful project, which assists the children of Bangladesh who are born with clubfoot deformity.

Untreated, children with clubfoot deformity are destined to a life of disability, foot and ankle pain, social stigma, unemployment and poverty.

Bangladesh is a very poor country (average annual income US$650, compared to world average annual income US$9,000), with a population approximating 160 million, within which are born some 5,000 babies with congenital clubfoot deformity each year. It is a big problem in a poor country.

What is amazing, is that just A$120 covers the full corrective treatment course for a child – plaster casts, achilles tenotomy, boots and bar braces, viz. the ‘gold standard’ Ponseti method – which achieves a functional plantigrade foot and enables each child to Walk for Life.

Walk for Life has now provided FREE treatment for over 15,000 babies and small children who were born with congenital clubfoot deformity and this is where we now need your help.

Could you please help to ensure the sustainability of clubfoot correction provided by Walk for Life, by signing up to regularly donate the cost of treatment for a child ($120), or for a number of children with clubfoot deformity.

This is what some of our colleagues have already achieved by fundraising in the epic Murray-to-Moyne 24 hour cycling event, the Warnambool Fun Run and committing to monthly $120 tax deductible donations from their clinics.

As Podiatrists, we understand gait very well. We know that independent gait is fundamental to our mobility, functional capacity and quality of life. A Link between Podiatrists and Walk for Life is ideal and will make a huge difference to this project’s ongoing works.

I have been involved as a volunteer with this project since 2008-9, firstly as a trainer for the local Bangla physiotherapists in the use of the Ponseti method for clubfoot correction and more recently in setting up some research and evaluations of the project’s results. The results are fantastic and very heartening – we looked at a random sample of 400 children two years after they were treated and 99% were walking independently!


Angela Evans PhD, FFPM RCPS(Glasg)

Australian Goodwill Ambassador – Walk for Life

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